Use email signature as a marketing tool

An email signature can be a useful marketing tool. A signature can automatically go on the end of every email you send. It should at the very least include your contact details, company name and your designation (i.e. sales manager).  It can also include the company logo and, if relevant, your website and social media addresses (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). However, you can use the signature to market yourself, your company…  Read more

Tax Bites

IRD and ‘your cheque is in the mail’ From 1 October this year cheques must reach IRD by the due date for payment. Posting a cheque on the last day will be too late. IRD will accept post-dated cheques but won’t guarantee to not bank them early. If there are insufficient funds to pay the tax, that’s the taxpayer’s problem. IRD say they will endeavour to avoid banking early and…  Read more

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