Mark’s musing – How to make your business really fly

take flight

As part of our continuing education, recently myself and Paul Dawson our Business Development Manager, attended a 4 day workshop in Sydney called ‘The Experts Academy’. It was an amazing 4 days, with over 350 business owners attending the workshop from all different industries. The purpose of the workshop was to learn how we as business owners could better serve our clients through adding greater value.

Following the workshop, as a firm, we booked a day out of the office to do some planning for the next 12 to 24 months. We asked ourselves 3 very simple questions that I have mentioned in previous musings;

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where do we want to be?
  3. How are we going to get there?

At our planning session, we had a ‘BFO’ moment (a ‘Blinding Flash of the Obvious’). Rather than keep talking about and guessing how we can add greater value to your business, let’s take the time, to connect with you individually to ask the same 3 questions. We know, that each and every one of you will have different answers, as one size does not fit all.

‘How to make your business really fly’ was a theme that came from our planning session. By really fly we mean, how can we as your accountants and business advisors, help you to optimise the profitability, cash flow, fun and value of your business.

We know that any accountant can read the numbers off your financial statements. Hindsight is 20/20. We want to help you create the future through insight (looking for the things you may be too busy to see) and foresight to help you plan for the future and keep you on task, progressing toward your goals.

Over the next 3 to 6 months I will have one of my team contact you to book a time for us to meet, free of charge. The meeting could take place at your business, your home, our office or if more convenient by way of a phone call or through Skype or some other technology platform. Before we make contact, we will send out a short survey for you to complete.

We have got some really exciting developments that we want to share with you, so until then….. In the immortal words of Buzz Light year from the movie Toy Story “To Infinity and Beyond”

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