Mark Pfeifer coined this phrase “Know Thy Numbers, then Grow Thy Numbers” as it really speaks to the core of what we are about.  When you have a business there are so many things to manage and we feel that the trick to running a successful business is in getting organised, having the right people in the right roles and understanding your numbers so you can prioritize your activities and make better business decisions.

This is why we are committed to educating our clients around:

  • Understanding accounting and the reports provided by your accounting system
  • Time management and productivity
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • The tools and systems available to assist in managing businesses more effectively

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Making Better Business Decisions

You may have heard the phrase “rubbish in, rubbish out” and here at Bishop Toomey and Pfeifer we tend to agree.

The trick with an accounting system is to understand how you enter data in order to give you the information you need to understand the financial performance of your business, whilst still accounting for your data accurately in terms of GST and income tax.

Xero provides numerous features which help to make it a management tool rather than just a book keeping tool and not only that they also have various features which can help you get paid faster by your clients.


Investing in your Business Management System

The software industry have been very good at telling their customers that all you need to do is buy their software and it will give you all the benefits. Based on our experience what really provides the benefits, and a good return on your investment, is the training and support provided to ensure you get the most out of your chosen system.

Here at Bishop Toomey and Pfeifer we have some of the most talented Xero advisors in the country who can help you get the most out of Xero, the Xero add-ons, and your business management solutions.

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