New Seminar Opportunity for Bishop Toomey & Pfefier Clients

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Scott Wilson from Digital Influence is running a seminar on the Thursay 3rd July called…

Leads Unleashed – How To High Generate Quality Leads On Demand Using Facebook & LinkedIn“.

It’s free to attend and you can book tickets here –

Here’s an overview of what you will discover at this seminar:

1. Your Marketing Goals – The no.1 question every business owner should be asking themselves today if they want to make bigger profits tomorrow.

2. Manual Marketing Sucks… why you need to move your sales and marketing from manual, slow and messy to automated, leveraged and funancial.

3. Facebook Sales Funnel – How to target qualified leads and turn them in committed buyers.

4. The Facebook Strip… 3 clear reasons why it is good business to keep your ad campaigns inside the Facebook eco-system.

5. The LinkedIn Myth… why most business owners don’t get LinkedIn and never will unless they understand these 3 essential business dynamics.

6. LinkedIn The Business Platform – 3 steps to using the biggest business lead generation platform in the world.

Book tickets here –

You are welcome to bring a business partner.

All Scott asks is, if you book you must turn up because this seminar will fill up fast and some people will miss out.

Leads Unleashed – How To Generate Highly Qualified Leads On Demand Using Facebook Advertising & Linkedin

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