Reporting that makes sense

Know Thy Numbers To Grow Thy Numbers
If you’ve spent any time around the Bishop Toomey Pfeifer team, you will have heard our favourite phrase. You have to know thy numbers to grow thy numbers.
It makes sense. You have to know how your business is tracking, what’s working, and where improvements need to be made to have any chance of growing your business. What if you’re not a numbers person?
Some people struggle to make sense of profit and loss reports, or get their heads around pages of numbers. That’s ok. BTP has a solution.
We are proud to partner with Spotlight Reporting to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business. With BTP and Spotlight Reporting, it’s easy to track your progress and meet your business goals.
Spotlight Reporting takes your financial data from Xero or QuickBooks Online, and combines it with non-financial data from Google Analytics or Workflow Max to present a visual picture of your entire business. 
This is a fantastic tool for visual learners who want to look at a balance sheet in the form of a colourful pie chart, or profit and loss as a graph.

We’re passionate about seeing our clients grow, thrive, and reach their goals. Would you like to better know your numbers and track your success?

Let us know if you would like a free Spotlight Reporting trial. We can show you what a visual report or budget can look like for your business. .

If you want to know more or would like a free Spotlight Reporting trial, contact Paul Dawson

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