Say goodbye to expensive phone calls

Say goodbye to expensive calls
Say goodbye to expensive calls

Would you like free toll calls within New Zealand and cut rates when you call a cellphone or make an overseas call? Go to

The person who put us on to this told us his mother lives in England. He calls her twice a week using the internet. Instead of spending more than $10 per call the cost is now down to a little over $2. Can you use it for business as well? Yes, but get in touch with Callzero if you try to use it for a call centre. There are some limits on high use.

Is it a hassle to use Callzero? All you have to do is put it in your website favourites, log in and insert your number and the number you are calling. It takes a little longer than just picking up the phone and dialling the number.

We’ve also found when we want to top up our Callzero prepayment, it pays to use an ISP other than Explorer. We use Google Chrome.

Is this all too good to be true? Well it really is true – try it.

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