Weekly Digest – 23 August 2023

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Economic activity picks up but headwinds loom

Employment and population growth are continuing to support the economy despite the pressure from inflation and interest rates, but there are warnings of potential headwinds from the primary sector.

Air NZ and NMIT join forces to boost aviation engineering talent

A new partnership between Air New Zealand and the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) / Te Pūkenga aims to ensure there is a pathway for those study aviation engineering to jobs in the industry.

The woes of wool

It’s been a disastrous year for wool and some farmers are worried about the future of the industry in New Zealand.

Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr spells out big risks to NZ of China downturn

New Zealand should add more value to its commodity exports and diversify the countries it sells them to in response to the challenges facing the Chinese economy, Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr has told MPs.

Unraveling the Dance of the NZD/USD Exchange Rate: The Hidden Role of Business Confidence

Roger J. Kerr, Executive Chairman of Barrington Treasury Services NZ states that the NZD/USD exchange rate has not been driven by local New Zealand factors, but rather by external factors such as the US-China trade war and the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

APAC takes centre stage in 2023 economic rebound

The year 2023 is witnessing a shift in global economic momentum, with the Asia-Pacific region emerging as a powerhouse for growth, reveals a recent report from GlobalData.

All the milk in China can’t avert farm-fed economic downturn

Farmers are already tightening their belts – but slowly, the realisation is seeping through the wider business community that the whole economy will suffer the impact of lower milk, lamb and timber demand.

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