Xero Tips & Tricks – including setting a budget in Xero



Xero Tips & Tricks

One of the things that we have learned with Xero is that many of our clients needs are different and that knowing how to use Xero properly is an important part of the picture and that is why we have been investing in our own training and in developing ways to get more education around Xero to our clients.

We have found that the best method to provide education to as many clients as possible is to create training videos.
Xero have developed many videos which can help, especially with how to use the functions generically.  Here are a few examples.


We have also developed our own training videos and will be prioritizing future videos, based on feedback from our clients.
Here are some videos that we have created
Creating invoices in Xero
Getting Paid faster
Bank Transactions
Budgets & Reporting

Quick Budget

We hope you get value out of the videos and if you have any feedback or ideas for future videos then please complete our very short Xero survey.


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